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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie and frank are off. a husband shot his wife and
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another student and then turned the gun on himself. these are the very latest details emerging in a murder- suicide mystery at san jose state university. our anne makovec is at the campus with more on the victims' connection. anne, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, police aren't saying a lot about exactly how these people knew each other. but we know again that two students were among the dead. and they were shot several times just days away from graduation. >> there is a great feeling of sadness, i think, on this campus this morning. >> reporter: finally, police released more details on the murder-suicide that shocked the campus of san jose state tuesday night. police say these two accounting students are the victims, kyle williams and cindy caliguiran shot and killed by caliguiran's husband in the married couple's car in this parking garage. the husband, napoleon caliguiran, was 54 years old, 29 years older than his wife. police say he then shot and
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killed himself. a campus spokesman says there are still a lot of unanswered questions involved. >> we won't know. everybody who knows for sure has passed away. >> reporter: we do know that cindy and kyle were both seniors about to graduate with degrees in business. both affiliated with the club on campus. we found these pictures on the website. people who live in the area are glad there is not a killer still on the loose. >> as sad and tragic as it is, if there is a connection, it's a relief to know it wasn't a random act of violence. >> we told folks to reach out to the people around them, their loved ones, family, friends, to check in. it's a good time do it today but it's a good time always. >> reporter: now, police say the shooter had no known criminal record. and that the two students that we showed you they were both in their 20s, one 25, one 26. elizabeth? >> all right. anne makovec live for us this afternoon in san jose, thank you. a chp officer busted for
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trying to steal an xbox from target. now investigators say he's done it before. police in vacaville arrested officer sean hammonds on monday after store employees confronted him. investigators believe this is the fourth time he has stolen from the store allegedly taking more than $1,300 worth of electronics. they believe he was selling the stolen merchandise on the internet. he is on unpaid leave of absence because of an injury. a new tool to help fight prostitution in vallejo. officers are about to install two new surveillance cameras at each end of the city's so- called prostitution zone. that's along the sonoma boulevard corridor. the cameras may also help officers investigating car thefts and robberies. police paid for the new cameras with department funds and money from anomies donor. enjoy -- anonymous donor. enjoy it while it lasts. gas levels may have leveled off
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but the price at the pump is going up in the next few weeks. just in time for summer. the ultra-high prices we have been paying have gotten the attention of lawmakers now on capitol hill. as danielle nottingham reports, today's big oil executives got a grilling. >> reporter: senators called top executives from the world's richest oil companies to capitol hill questioning why they are still getting tax breaks. >> well, would you have an easier time convincing the american people that a unicorn just flew into this hearing room than that these big oil companies need taxpayer subsidies. that's the real fairy tale. >> reporter: the companies in the hot seat made a $36 billion profit this year alone but still receive about $2 billion in tax breaks every year. executives argue, without those breaks, they will have to cut jobs and the price at the pump would go even higher. >> don't punish our industry for doing its job well. >> reporter: but with gas prices soaring over $4 a gallon in parts of the country, drivers have no sympathy.
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>> honestly, it's ridiculous. >> i think it's a ripoff. >> reporter: senate democrats want to end a tax break originally put in place to boost domestic oil production. they say their bill would repeal $21 billion in tax breaks over 10 years. >> so the effect -- >> reporter: but some lawmakers are calling today's hearing nothing more than a gimmick. they say democrats are just trying to gain points with voters. >> what if the hollywood studios hit a few home runs with some new films and record profits result? i'm not going to hold my breath waiting for democrats to haul george clooney up here to justify his income. >> reporter: the bill ending tax credits is not likely to pass. it doesn't have enough support in the house or the senate. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. hundreds of bay area commuters aren't paying for gas today. they ditched their keys and they biked to work. it is the 18th annual "bike to work" day. this morning, cyclists took advantage of some.
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freebies at an energizer station out by the golden gate bridge. advocates say the economy is convincing many people to change the way they get to work. >> higher gas prices go, easier it is people want to get out of their cars. >> studies by san francisco transportation experts show biking is increased almost 60% in the past four years. bombshell allegations against a top bay area cop. plus, a drug scandal. now he is accused of running a brothel. a terrifying light show caught on tape. what happened when one. world's biggest planes was struck by lightning. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. a lot of sunshine as we start out with some clouds early on today. but there's some rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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selling drugs.. no a new twist in the investigation into an already disgraced top cop. he's already charged with selling drugs. now the former narcotics task force commander is accused of running a brothel. joe vazquez first broke this store right here on cbs 5. >> they were scantily dressed. you know, they were provocatively dressed, always totally made up. >> reporter: in a pleasant hill office park, a bombshell claim that this empty space during parts of 2009 and 2010 was turned into a brothel. neighbors say they repeatedly called police after seeing a constant flow of men visiting scantily clad women inside. when you talked to police, you told them what? what did you think it was? >> well, i thought it was prostitution, for sure. i mean, what else was it going snob and i told them that. >> reporter: cbs 5 has learned
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that private investigator chris butler confessed to state investigators that he was running the brothel along with his friend norm wielsch, the former commander of the contra costa county police task force called cnet. butler and wielsch already face dozens of felony counts each for stealing and selling the very drugs that wielsch's task force was charged with getting off the street. what's more, cnet was also responsible for shutting down houses of prostitution. >> chris butler cannot be trusted. >> reporter: i asked wielsch's attorney, michael cardoza, about the allegations that his client, already an admitted drug dealer, was also a pimp. >> butler has apparently spoken to law enforcement and told them that my client was involved with running a brothel. that's not true. butler apparently bought the furniture for this would-be brothel according to what he is saying. he was the one that signed the lease. he was the one that paid the rent. he was the one that collected
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the money from the prostitutes. but yet he's blaming other people and he is trying to drag my client into this mess in order to garner some sort of support or at least less time from law enforcement to say, look, i'm giving you information to dirty up other people. he's a rat! >> reporter: so far, no charges have been filed related to this reported brothel. the state investigators are looking into it as the scandal continues to widen. in pleasant hill, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> joe tried to contact butler's attorney as well as the district attorney's office. they didn't call back. we may not be able to see the photo proof that osama bin laden bin laden is dead but we can hear about it. >> there are 15 pictures. the first 12 were taken in the compound obviously right after the incident took place. so they are pretty grueling. the other three were taken on the ship and they included the
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burial at sea. >> the cia showed the death photos to a select group of lawmakers yesterday. meantime, u.s. intelligence officials say notes in osama bin laden's diary and computer files prove he played a role in every recent terror plot. bin laden reportedly wrote about targeting l.a. and new york along with smaller cities and urged followers to attack planes and trains. a birth control breakthrough. why take the pill could make or break your relationship. donald trump answers what we have all been wondering: what is the secret to that famous hair? ,, never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
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is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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contraceptives may affect a woman's before you pop that pill a breakthrough in birth control. a new study shows contraceptives may affect a woman's attractiveness. as we report that could make or break your relationship. >> reporter: the dynamics of love and lust complex enough as it is. >> goes don't understand women. >> reporter: now even more confusion. a new study says birth control and other hormonal contraceptives could make or break a relationship affecting a woman's desire. >> it appears that birth control may be decreasing the natural hormones that a woman puts out or signals that she puts out to men. obviously this is important if one is looking for a mate and a
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long-term partner and father of her children. >> reporter: birth control breaking the bond between a man and tomorrow? >> i don't think it's a problem. >> reporter: otherwise say it's weird science. >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: dr. jane greer has been a relationship therapist for 25 years and says the loss of interest between men and women isn't the pill. >> there is something else going on in the relationship that is creating distance and perhaps the turnoff that might be taking place sexually. >> and a stormy night creates an electrifying light show. check this out. take a look at this just- released video from london. a lightning bolt hits one. world's biggest planes as it prepares to land at heathrow airport last month. the pilots say the single bolt struck right over their heads. this is on an airbus a-380 one of the world's biggest planes. the powerful jolt of electricity passed right through the body of the plane. none of the 500 passengers was
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hurt. commercial airlines, each one of these is designed to handle those strikes. >> good to know. >> a little scary. a lot of sunshine beginning to show up around the bay area today. we started out with a couple of patches of fog early on but how about this? that's looking golden and good outside and we have a great afternoon coming up. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. shark tank, we are going to have a big game there tonight. looking good, lots of sunshine, go sharks! 60s and 70s inland, breezy inside the bay. at the coast patchy fog and sunshine. looks like tonight more low clouds making their way back onshore overnight lows in the 50s and 40s. clouds and low fogs hanging on
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at the san mateo county coastline trying to break up but for the most part, warm sunshine for most today but an area of low pressure system is going to bring a chance of showers as we head toward saturday. 74 morgan hill, 71 milpitas, 61 half moon bay. as you look to the east bay lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s in many spots. 60s inside the bay. and our friends in the north bay going to enjoy some sunshine, about 71 in sonoma. 27 in napa. and about 70 degrees in petaluma. out at the coast, temperatures in the 50s, sneaking in a little sunshine. over the next few days, tomorrow looks nice. very similar to today. starting out with low clouds and fog and clearing, then over the weekend storm clouds, chance of rain on saturday night, rain become likely as we head into sunday and well into next week. that's a look at weather, elizabeth. back to you thank you. you asked and today president obama answered. at a town hall meeting hosted
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by cbs news, no surprise the economy took center stage. as a single mother asked for help with her mortgage. she says her bank won't extend it. >> maybe you can make a call. [ laughter ] >> this is where we're going to be talking to the banks. our attitude to them is how do you benefit if the house goes into foreclosure? >> the president predicted it will take several years for the american economy to recover. covering stories in the develop world is a job usually left to foreign correspondents. but this week's jefferson award winner is changing that and in the process empowering women and their communities around the globe. kate kelly reports. reporter: at a little office in sonoma county, cristi hegranes coordinates a worldwide network of journalists. five years ago, she started global press institute, a nonprofit that uses journalism as a catalyst for change. a former correspondent herself, hegranes got the idea while
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working in nepal. >> i had been in the country for a good amount of time, i spoke the language well but i was just wrong person to be telling the stories because i lacked so much context. >> reporter: so she began training local women who might otherwise not have a voice in their culture in the skills of old-fashioned journalism. after six months they are offered a job by gpi working with local editors, filing stories, meeting deadlines. >> this is not just blogging. this is not just, how i feel about this. i want a traditionalist and i believe in the power of traditional ethics-based journalism so that's really what you see. >> reporter: today global press institutes employs 114 journalists in 24 countries. >> we have run stories on a lot of inter-caste and gender just issues, reproductive rights issues. our biggest focus for the second half of this year is going to be climate change coverage. >> reporter: the stories are written in the local language
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and hegranes hired editors in each region to help. the final product is distributed for free among local media outlets. but it also finds a home here in english on the global press institute website. >> a lot of us know this woman. >> reporter: she checks in daily with her correspondents helping them develop ideas. she shares her office with coworker and consultant meagan demitz, who just returned from east africa. >> what was most striking to me is this is more than just women having jobs as journalists. it's really changed the perception of themselves, the kind of power that they have as women. a lot of them would never have this opportunity otherwise. >> reporter: an opportunity to make money that is transforming their families, as well. as for hegranes, she makes her living teaching college journalism classes, sharing her passion with bay area students the way she has with women around the world. >> i came up with the idea but it's actually the people on the ground who make this work. if there weren't brave, bold women around the world are
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willing to take on this training opportunity, this employment opportunity, it wouldn't work. >> reporter: so for using journalism as a catalyst for economic empowerment, global awareness and social change, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes t cristi hegranes. kate kelly, cbs 5. and you can read stories by these reporters online and support their work with a donation. to find the link go to our website, and click connect, then jefferson awards. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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full of juice and the pineapple is sweet. when they are ligh not good. cut the stem and turn the pineapple upside-down at home. the sugar from the bottom will go all the way through the pineapple from the top bottom to the top. so it's sweet all the way through. shelf life four to five days after you buy it and loaded with nutritional value. great flavor, great taste, enjoy especially on the grill. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's so sweet! it's good. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, it's a growing fad in getting fit. bracelets that claim to help with balance and strength. but are they offering more hype than actual help? we put them to the test at 5:00. it is one of the biggest mysteries there is. >> it is a mystery.
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>> it is. >> how does donald trump do that to his hair? well -- >> it's impossible. >> right. he is finally revealing the secret to his do. he tells rolling stone magazine, all right, it's a process. he washes it with head and shoulders, dries it for an hour, no hairdryers. then he combs it. but he says it's not a combover, more like a little bit forward and then a little bit back. just a little bit. >> i didn't think he had to work that hard to get that look. >> more high maintenance than any news anchor i know. >> caption colorado, llc
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